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FREE RENT - in exchange for work

If you can come and make the following repairs:rn1. Repair a the front railing on the front of the house and spray paintrn2. Replace 2 windows in the housern3. Install a gas stove in the housern4. Replace the kitchen faucet.rn5. Plaster hallway leading to the 2nd floor, small wall area in the basement and stairway ceiling.rn6. Install 1 interior basement door.rn7. Replace 2 cieling fans. rnrnWe will give you FREE rent over a negotiable period of time and charge you a below market rent after.rnrnNO CREDIT CHECK!rnrnYou buy all the material.rnYou cannot move into the house until the work is complete.rnThe house is not for salernrnAll agreed terms will be captured in writing in a contract.rnrnIf still interested call 484-687-5020

Jordan St.
Allentown, PA

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Marcus House, 484-687-5020
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  4 Bedrooms
  1 Bathroom
  1100 Square Feet


Street Parking
Gas Range
Gas Heat
Three Story




   Allentown, PA

    Available Now

  $100 / per Month

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