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622 sq. ft. Apartment - in a great area....

Price from: $2513. This apartment home offers an open concept living space with full kitchen, washer and dryer, and hard surface flooring. 2 blocks from the beach and right next door to some of the city's best dining and entertainment, Playa Pacifica Apartments offers everything for those who crave an 4JMHET active and healthy California lifestyle. These homes are smoke free, pet friendly and feature everything from swimming pools to in-home washer and dryers for added comfort and convenience. Playa Pacifica Apartments is a beautiful residential community that defines the joys of living in osa Beach.

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Herondo St
Hermosa Beach, CA

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Dan Roy
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  1 Bedroom
  1 Bathroom
  622 Square Feet



Street Parking
Laundry In Unit

Cable TV
Near Mass Transit
Pets Allowed
Swimming Pool

Web Site: https://www.featuredrentals.com/details/4JMHET?source=u_forrentbyownerapi&city=Hermosa+Beach&state=CA&zip=90254&bd=1&price=2513



   Hermosa Beach, CA

    Available Feb 16

  $2,513 / per Month

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