Best Neighborhoods to Rent Homes in Colorado Springs

Best Neighborhoods to Rent Homes in Colorado Springs

If you want an ideal place to raise a family near the mountains but don’t want to pay the excessive prices of other major Colorado cities - Colorado Springs is perfect for you. Colorado Springs is known for military installations and Pike’s Peak, but there’s much more to “The Springs” than bases and mountains.

If you’re considering a move to Colorado Springs, get a snapshot of four of the best neighborhoods to rent homes in Colorado Springs so you know where to go and why. Let’s get a taste of why so many call Colorado Springs home.

Enjoy the Affordability and Options of Briargate

Briargate is in the heart of Colorado Springs and arguably the best all-around neighborhood in the city. Briargate is an excellent choice for young professionals who need to commute, families who need amenities and great schools, and for things to do in your backyard. Shopping, highways, dining, and entertainment options are all at your doorstep in Briargate.

Types of Rentals in Briargate

Briargate is a large neighborhood with many types of rentals including apartments and single-family homes. One to two-bedroom apartments in Briargate cost approximately $1,000 to $1,300 per month while two to four-bedroom single family home rentals can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500.

More About Briargate

Briargate is close to the sprawling Chapel Hills Mall and the Promenade Shops at Briargate for all your shopping and dining needs. Briargate renters also have quick access to the Briargate YMCA and because Briargate is centered in the town most everything to see and do in Colorado Springs is less than 15 minutes away.

Enjoy the Affordability and Options of Briargate

Rent Downtown Colorado Springs for Things to Do

Colorado Springs might not have the people and skyscrapers of downtown Denver but it’s still a lively environment with the most packed-in features and things to do in all of Colorado Springs.

More About Downtown Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs offers an eclectic mix of independently owned shops, restaurants, parks, and other typical city amenities. When you live Downtown you can walk to your favorite coffee shop, take your kids to nearby parks, or enjoy brews at one of Colorado Spring’s craft breweries. If you like to walk, need things to do, and people to meet – downtown is your ideal neighborhood.

Types of Rentals in Downtown Colorado Springs

The primary downtown Colorado Springs neighborhood is known as Old North End as is anchored by Wood Avenue. Because it’s so close to downtown there are more condos, apartment complexes, and multi-unit rental options compared to single family homes. Unlike downtown Denver and its excessive pricing, one and two-bedroom rentals can run as low as $900 per month though newer units average around $1,200.

Rent Downtown Colorado Springs for Things to Do

Choose Black Forest for More Space

If you want to be close to amenities and not too far from the city or Denver, Black Forest isn’t right for you. If you want extra space for you or your family to roam or want to be at the backdoor of southern Colorado adventure, Black Forest is perfect for you.

Types of Rentals in Black Forest

Because it’s outside city limits and is concentrated on rural properties, rentals aren’t as numerous in Black Forest as other Colorado Springs communities but they’re not absent. Black Forest is dominated by single-family rentals but there are apartment and multi-unit choices too. If you’re renting in Black Forest concentrate your searches on the southern portion of the neighborhood. Black Forest is also home to many vacation rentals so know what you’re looking at before signing.

More About Black Forest

Your choices are smaller in Black Forest, but your horizons are much bigger. In Black Forest you can disconnect from your hectic city life with rolling pastures, wooded properties, and lots of room to roam. Black Forest is home to Black Forest Regional Park and while it may not have the coffee shops and boutiques of other areas, it has basic grocery and drug store amenities.

Colorado Springs Black Forest Home Rental

Military Members Should Consider Rockrimmon

With Peterson Air Force Base, the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, and more, Colorado Springs is a big town for service members and their families. Rockrimmon has emerged as one of the premier neighborhoods for service personnel living off base for its charm, affordability, and proximity to many areas of Colorado Springs including the bases.

Types of Rentals in Rockrimmon

Like Briargate, Rockrimmon has a wide variety of rental options from tiny studio apartments to sprawling five-bedroom single family homes but is more concentrated on single family homes when compared to Briargate. Because Rockrimmon has newer homes and rentals, their prices are slightly higher than Briargate. You can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $1500 for a one to bedroom apartment while a three to four-bedroom single-family home will cost approximately $2000 to $3000 per month.

More About Rockrimmon

Rockrimmon’s northwest location gives residents easy access to Peterson AFB, Fort Carson, and other neighborhoods of Colorado Springs. The neighborhood reminds residents and visitors of the rolling lanes of seventies era sitcoms and like those sitcoms, is home to a high percentage of white-collar workers and young families. Living in Rockrimmon will also put your children in the prestigious Air Academy school district.

Finding Your Perfect Rental in Colorado Springs

Finding Your Perfect Rental in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has varied neighborhoods, lots to do, and is more affordable than other Colorado destination cities. If you’re ready to rent a home in Colorado springs, start with our for rent by owner classifieds.

Posted on March 12, 2020



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