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Dallas, Texas is home to Cowboys football, excellent barbecue, and a thriving job market for both blue- and white-collar workers. If you’ve decided to make your home in Dallas, you’re likely curious about all the different neighborhoods, and of course, the prices that come with both renting or owning in those neighborhoods.

The good news is that Dallas features a wide array of rental and ownership options, but the bad news is prices can fluctuate from one neighborhood to the next, and you have to look at a few different neighborhoods to get an idea of how much you can expect to pay. Let’s get an overview of some of Dallas’s best neighborhoods and how they compare to the rest of the Dallas – Fort Worth area and the state of Texas.

How Much is Rent in TX?

Texas is a big state with many different types of living arrangements from sprawling metropolises like Dallas and Houston to tiny towns like Wimberly and Shiner. While we can’t go through rent prices for every area of Texas, we can look at the city of Dallas, the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, and how it compares to the rest of Texas.

All median rental prices come from living resource Sperling’s Best Places.

Median Rental Price in Dallas: The average monthly rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas is $1002, a 2-bedroom costs $1,217 and a 3-bedroom averages $1,622.

Median Rental Price in Dallas – Fort Worth: The average monthly rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex is $989, a 2-bedroom costs $1,201 and a 3-bedroom averages $1,600.

Median Rental Price in Texas: The average rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in Texas is $841, a 2-bedroom costs $1,036 and a 3-bedroom averages $1,391.

Individually Owned Apartments in Dallas

With a new influx of younger workers and urban living, individually owned apartments have become popular in Dallas and Texas. Let’s get an overview of individually owned apartments in Dallas including a few different popular neighborhoods and why these neighborhoods are among the best places to live in Dallas.

Greenland Hills TX

The Greenland Hills neighborhood is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Dallas. Greenland Hills has become popular for both retirees and young families due to its suburban-style living that’s still close to the fun and amenities of downtown Dallas. Greenland Hills is also known as the M Streets for the major streets of McCommas and Monticello.
Population: 6,212

Things to Do in Greenland Hills

For being in central Dallas Greenland Hills and M Streets is quiet but that doesn’t mean you can’t find things to do. Greenland Hills features the sprawling Dallas Arboretum for natural beauty and White Rock Lake for some on the water fun. Greenland Hill’s location lets you walk to several other nearby neighborhoods for food, drinks, and live entertainment.

Downtown Dallas

The new generation of Dallas resident has eschewed the suburbs in favor of living directly in the heart of the city. The Downtown Dallas Historic District has become one of the more popular neighborhoods for young professionals and families for its restaurants, shopping, and entertainment directly on your doorstep. Individually owned apartments and condos are the way to live in Dallas’s downtown district.
Population: 13,041

Things to Do in Downtown Dallas TX

What isn’t there to do in Downtown Dallas? You can get a great view of the city skyline from the Reunion Tower, visit Dealey Plaza and the 6th Floor Museum, take a trolley tour of downtown, and eat at several award-winning restaurants. You can live in downtown Dallas for years and never run out of things to do.

Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is one of Dallas’s most popular and established neighborhoods with nearly 300,000 residents. Oak Cliff is close to the Central Dallas business district but has retained its own history and individuality since being annexed to Dallas in 1901.
Population: 275,381

Things to Do in Oak Cliff TX

Oak Cliff is home to Bishops Art District and all the attractions that come with it like the Kessler Theater and Sylvan Thirty mixed-use complex. If you’re not too into the arts you have the Dallas Zoo, the historic Texas Theater, and many pubs, bars, and high-quality restaurants to fill your time and stomach.

Finding Houses for Rent in Dallas TX

Dallas is the ninth biggest city in the entire country and is sure to have a neighborhood and rental house that fits your unique lifestyle and personality. Before making the move, spend time with a realtor or local expert to look at all the best places to live in Dallas and how you can start your life in the fun and growing Dallas area. With all the things to do and places to see in Dallas, you’ll have a great time regardless of which neighborhood you choose. If you’re considering a move to Dallas or just moving within the DFW area, look at all the houses for rent in Dallas on the For Rent By Owner classifieds pages.

Photo credit: Robert Hensley, Dallas view, CC BY 2.0.

Posted on December 19, 2019



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