Best Townhome Communities in Denver

Best Downtown Denver Towhnomes

Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Unfortunately, when a town like Denver gets popular, home prices increase. If you’re looking for an affordable way to live in Denver but still want to own your entire property, a Denver townhouse is the right place for you.

Luckily for prospective Denver homebuyers, there are several townhome developments around the Denver metro that are more affordable than traditional Denver housing. Let’s learn about three of the best townhome communities in Denver and what they offer homeowners.

Townhomes for Rent in Denver

Downtown Denver has exploded over the last twenty years and is now a great place to live, spend time, and work. New community developments around Denver’s Lower Downtown and River North neighborhood have joined older townhome communities around Capitol Hill and other established neighborhoods to transform Denver’s city center into the place to be for young couples and professionals.
Population: 25,727

Things to do in Downtown Denver

One of the top reasons more professionals and families are choosing downtown Denver townhomes is their proximity to things to do. Choosing a downtown Denver townhome puts you within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, shopping areas like 16th Street mall, events at the Denver Performing Arts Center, the Pepsi Center, and much more. A better question is what can’t you do in downtown Denver?

Popular Downtown Denver Townhome Communities

While there are several new developments on the way, current popular Downtown Denver townhome communities include Avenue West Corporate Housing, Inca Street Townhomes, and much more.

Average Townhouse Price in Downtown Denver

Townhome prices in downtown Denver can vary widely due to location, amenities, size, age, and much more. While there are no specific statistics for downtown Denver townhomes, Denver homes currently average $375 per square foot.

Best denver townhome communities stapleton

Townhomes for Rent in Stapleton

Stapleton is found northeast of downtown Denver. Once home to Denver’s primary airport, the Stapleton of today is a fantastic community for young professionals and families. Living in Stapleton gives homeowners quick access to downtown Denver and Colorado’s highways to transport you all over the metro area. Stapleton now has several homeowner amenities like shopping outlets, doctor’s offices, and other features homeowners can take advantage of without having to drive all over Denver. Stapleton is rated as the #2 best neighborhood to buy a house in Denver by
Population: 35,398

Average Townhome Price in Stapleton

Because Stapleton is small there are no concrete statistics on townhome pricing but the average home value in Stapleton is $616,937. Median list price per square foot in Stapleton is $293, lower than the Denver average of $375.

Popular Stapleton Townhome Communities:

Popular developments and neighborhoods in Stapleton include Prospect at Stapleton, Freedom at Stapleton, Spruce Townhomes, and Parkwood homes among several others.

Things to Do in Stapleton

Only a few years ago Stapleton was sparsely populated by both people and amenities but has grown into its own small town. Stapleton is now packed with new restaurants, shops, and its own parks like Greenway Park, sprawling Central Park, Fred Thomas Park, and more. Stapleton is also a great starting point to visit many of the features and amenities of downtown Denver.

Best denver townhome communities aurora

Townhomes for Rent in East Aurora

Aurora is Denver’s largest suburb and may outrank Denver in total population over the next several years. Once a collection of schools, suburbs, and strip malls, Aurora has blossomed into a city in its own rights with plenty of affordable housing, amenities, and things to do. Most of the newer developments and townhome communities are being built in East Aurora, between Interstate 225 and Denver International Airport.
Aurora Population: 366,203

(No populations statistics available for East Aurora)

Popular East Aurora Townhome Communities

Popular East Aurora townhome communities include Belleview Place, Adonea by Oakwood Homes, East Creek by Meritage Homes, the Seasons at Copperleaf, and much more. Most new neighborhoods are being built off E-470 south of Denver International Airport.

Things to do in East Aurora

East Aurora is in the midst of a development boom so East Aurora townhome owners can expect a mix of older strip malls, newer shopping and dining districts, and more things to do under construction. Nearby places to visit include the Aurora Reservoir, Arapahoe Park racetrack, the Plains Conservation Center, and much more. Residents of East Aurora are also less than a half hour away from the more established things to do in Denver.

Finding the Best Townhomes in Denver

Denver is a rapidly expanding city, with more townhomes than ever before. If you’re looking for a Denver townhome community, start with this list, or search our townhomes for rent in Denver classifieds. No matter what community you pick you’ll be well situated to enjoy all Denver has to offer with the right townhome community.

Posted on February 20, 2020



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